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Tia hobo’s it to another hemisphere…


I can use “hobo” as a verb, right?? ­čśë

It occurred to me that I’ve been hobo-ing around for quite awhile now, and thought I’d jot it down where I’ve been the last year and a half, for posterity’s sake…

Starting 2009 September to present day:

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA – 2009 Sept

Colorado Springs, Colorado – 2009 Sept, Oct

Santiago, Chile (all cities in Chile until further notice) – 2009 Oct

Chill├ín – 2009 Oct (got a tiny apartamentito & worked at a hostel)

Santiago – 2009 Oct (mini-vacay)

Chill├ín – 2009 Nov (taught English to school kids)

Temuco – 2009 Nov (cumplea├▒os de mi t├şo)

Concepci├│n – 2009 Dec (Playa Punta de Parra, D├şa de Navidad)

Concepci├│n – 2010 Jan (A├▒o Nuevo)

Santa Luc├şa – 2010 Jan

Lican Ray – 2010 Jan (family meeting at the lake)



Temuco – 2010 Jan (visit family)

Concepci├│n – 2010 Jan (see my cousin’s new custom-built house)

Lican Ray – 2010 Jan-Feb (summer vacation at the lake)

Chill├ín – 2010 Feb (8.8 earthquake, 50 miles from epicenter!)

Santiago – 2010 March (7.5 after-quake)

Temuco – 2010 April (cumplea├▒os de mi prima)


Santiago, Chile

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – 17 April 2010

Fort Collins, CO – 2010 May

Denver, CO – 2010 Aug

Colorado Springs, CO – 2010 Dec/Jan (Christmas/New Years w/ family)

Fort Collins, CO – 2011 Jan

Colorado Springs, CO – 2011 Feb


Hello world!


Check me out……I’m going public!! ­čśë

In this space, I am looking to explore the new direction I am taking in my life. It’s a new lifestyle, the new hobo me (well, sorta new), exploring the world to see where I fit in. This is a huge experiment —– no idea where it will take me.

I am in NO way a writer, so bear with me. This is an outlet to get my thoughts out of my head. No guarantees it will make any sense to you.