Minimalism March


It’s the 1st of March! (aka March 2nd)

Yesterday morning I woke up with a brain-child and  announced to my little turtle pillow that March was officially “The Month of Minimalism”!  I was very excited.  I also decided to give myself the highly creative goals of:

  • writing a blog post each day in March, and
  • taking a photo every day (to make my posts that much cooler).

For awhile, I basked in the glow of my new and lovely ideas.  Drank a pot of coffee.  Then promptly distracted myself by cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, and other such personal and household chores that I only do when I’m avoiding something.

I’m brilliant that way.

Then I remembered…minimalism!  Right.  Spent the rest of the day working away in my sister’s basement – labeling in-boxes designated for “donations” and “selling”, sorting through items, tearing down recyclables, and generally making a big disaster of it all.

Fun times!

I even went as far as to pull out the camera to see the make & model so I could make an informed reply to a blog post I had read.  And then put it back in it’s oh-so-fashionable camera case without even turning it on.


Which brings me to the 1st of March, part 2.  But that’s okay.  Who’s judging anyway?  I’ll just keep trudging away at this and maybe eventually I’ll get the hang of it.

Here’s a photo to get me started…

Jasper the Travel Gnome visits Air Force Academy in Colorado, USA.


About Tia

I'm a world hobo and have been on the move since Sept 2009! I'm learning LOTS about myself, and maybe... someday... I'll have me all figured out. ;) This blog is an attempt at making sense of all the crazy things in my head. Me = traveler, vegan, minimalist, beer snob, Starbucks-aholic. Hi! *waves*

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