Happy Hour? Yes please!


I love happy hour with my little brother!  Well, I love happy hours in general, but even better with awesome company.  🙂

Between the two of us, man, can we talk!  Talk and talk and talk.  About life, the universe, and everything (42!).  My littlest brother, Jon, is going to school for linguistics, and shares my interest in adventure.  I enjoyed sharing some of my ideas on minimalism, hobo-ness, travel, the difficulties of writing (for me), to name a few.

Gotta love the looks you get when you move the beers out of the way and set the netbook up on the bar!  Hey, I had some excellent blogs to show him.  😉


About Tia

I'm a world hobo and have been on the move since Sept 2009! I'm learning LOTS about myself, and maybe... someday... I'll have me all figured out. ;) This blog is an attempt at making sense of all the crazy things in my head. Me = traveler, vegan, minimalist, beer snob, Starbucks-aholic. Hi! *waves*

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