The “right” dream


“What’s your dream, your passion, what do you want to ‘be’ when you grown up?”

Biggest question ever, and always beyond my reach.  It never occurred to me that “travel” was a valid response!

Travel is what you do for vacation, your reward for suffering through a shitty, soul-sucking job. You still have to live in the “real world” and follow some kind of career plan like everyone else.

That’s all I ever heard. But it never sat well with me.

Then again, I was never one to take a “relaxing” vacation.  Taking time off and staying home would NEVER occur to me.  What is that about?!  I always had to GO somewhere, anywhere, the farther the better.  I would booked myself so solid, every traveling minute filled, because I never knew when I’d be able to travel again.  I’d barely leave myself enough time to fly home, change clothes, and get back to work on time.  I didn’t have time for jetlag.

I didn’t “live to work”.  I “put up with work” and lived for the days when I could travel.  And continued, year after year, to figure out something brilliant to do with my life.  To find that acceptable dream/passion/job that could materialize into the perfect career for me.

It’s not that I couldn’t realize my dreams, I just never realized I was “allowed” to dream of travel.

The world = that’s my passion!


About Tia

I'm a world hobo and have been on the move since Sept 2009! I'm learning LOTS about myself, and maybe... someday... I'll have me all figured out. ;) This blog is an attempt at making sense of all the crazy things in my head. Me = traveler, vegan, minimalist, beer snob, Starbucks-aholic. Hi! *waves*

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