The Great Purge


Minimalism Project Update:

Well… I’ve been hard at work on this for 2 weeks now, so I thought it was about time I write up a little progress report.

It’s been a very emotional adventure!  I don’t think I own very much, for a single person, but what I do have is, in my opinion, quite nice.  I think it’s easier when you’re trying to get rid of “all that junk”.  I’ve certainly done that many times over the years.  I’m expecting my upcoming yard sale to be quite popular!  😉

I feel lucky to be able to do all this sorting in my sister’s house, where I can spread out my belongings, take pictures of those items I’d like to remember, and even get some use out of  favorite things.  One last enjoyment.  A goodbye.  It makes me happy.

OK…here’s the rundown…

Clothes:  Very easy to part with.  Practically everything I own is from thrift stores, really old, ill-fitting, or just not my style anymore.  I don’t like any of it (a few items notwithstanding).  Decided that this is a fine time to toss it all and redo my wardrobe with a few quality pieces that will travel well.

Shoes:  Easier than I thought.  Living with only 1 pair of shoes for two months was a good test for me.  So far, I’m down from 31 pairs, to 12 pairs + my bunny slippers. Still a work in progress.  I can do better.

Bags:  Two rubbermaid tubs  full of purses & various bags!  Luckily Timbuk2 cured me of my addiction. I’ve got it down to:  a brand new Timbuk2 netbook messenger (wore out my 1st one after 4 yrs use), a Haiku mini purse, and 2 small bags from Chile (good for blending in).  I rock!

Kitchen:  I thought this was going to be tough, as it seemed to be the bulk of my belongings, but then I realized,  if I ever need to stock a kitchen again, I’ll really enjoy shopping for new things! (hehe)  The only problem I’m having is deciding which ONE water bottle and/or travel mug to keep.  Way too many to choose from!

Household:  A little tricky.  There’s a few heirloom items that my Mom would kill me if I got rid of, so I’ll be asking her to store them for me.  There are also a TON of Chile memorabilia, which I think I will just add to my Mom’s collection as well.  All of this combined should fit into one rubbermaid, so shouldn’t be a big deal.  As for the rest of the art and decor, I’m happy to sell it.

Movie & TV DVDs:  Selling almost everything, except for a few of the good ones that I’ll just slip into my Dad’s collection.  No reason to get rid of all my Harry Potters!  😉

Music CDs:  Handed entire collection over to a friend.  Easy peasy!  🙂

Books:  Turns out this is the most difficult purge out of all!  I’m a bit of a book collector.  After almost two years in storage, I’d forgotten how many “new to me” books I haven’t even had a chance to read yet!  How many books do you think I can read before I head back on the road??  Yikes.  I probably need a Kindle, huh?  😦

I used to be a Book Collector! And I say "used to be" optimistically.

Furniture:  Luckily don’t have much.  Loveseat gone to a Craigslister.  Friends took my bookshelves.  Futon to my sister’s guest room.  Antique desk & cedar chest to my Mom.  Dresser & nightstand to be sold.  That’s it.

The unknowns:  Hand-me-down cruiser bicycle held together by beer label stickers, currently using.  And the love of my life – my Honda Scooter.  I don’t even.

+ + + + +

So there you go.

It’s a lot of work, but I am absolutely loving this experience so far.  Even with the tough choices and the occasional mini-heartbreaks.  I’ve also learned so much about myself with each question I have to ask my belongings.  Do I need you?  Do you add joy to my life?  What do I really need to be happy?  These little questions start huge conversations in my head, every day.  This has been good for me.  🙂

What would be hardest for YOU to part with?


About Tia

I'm a world hobo and have been on the move since Sept 2009! I'm learning LOTS about myself, and maybe... someday... I'll have me all figured out. ;) This blog is an attempt at making sense of all the crazy things in my head. Me = traveler, vegan, minimalist, beer snob, Starbucks-aholic. Hi! *waves*

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  1. It is so purifying and liberating to throw away things – we always have too much! It is hard to do though – so congrats!!!
    But getting rid of books or CDs?? Never!!! I have them all at my parents’ house (about 400 CDs and two walls of books) – and I am sure THEY would be happy to organize a great purge!

    • Thanks Marinela! Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but rewarding.

      Wow, that’s a lot of CDs! I’m not a music person, so getting rid of CDs wasn’t a problem at all. jeje

      But books….yeah….that’s a tough one! I’d love to be able to store my wall of books, but that’s just not possible (my family doesn’t have the room). It’s okay though. I’m trying to downsize to one rubbermaid tub – hard, but doable. You’re certainly lucky that your parents are willing to store your favorite stuff! 🙂

      I’ve decided I need a Kindle, so I can still carry around all my books! 😀

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