In front of La Moneda, Santiago, Chile

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Tia, just a girl out in the world.  A bit of a hobo, I’ve been living out of my suitcase since Sept 2009.  I’m learning LOTS about myself, and maybe… someday… I’ll have me all figured out!  But that’s okay, life’s about the Voyage, not the Destination.  Go me!

This blog is an attempt at making sense of all the crazy things in my head, as I continue to learn about myself and adjust my lifestyle accordingly.

I would love to be able to connect with like-minded nomads, minimalists, ex-pats, and other roamers of the world.  I am in no way a fancy writer of words, so just deal with it.

Hiking in southern Colorado, USA

The randomness that is me:

  • I’m from a multi-cultural family, first traveled out of country when I was 4 years old, and have had the travel bug ever since! (You should see my first passport…I’m so cute! hehe)
  • I’ve been Vegetarian for 20+ years, Vegan for the last 6 years, with the occasional gluten-free and macrobiotic thrown in there for fun. Consequently, I love to cook!
  • I have never owned a car in my life. (Yes, I do know HOW to drive, but I go YEARS between drives, hehe).
  • My preferred method of getting around is walking.  I LOVE to walk!  Other approved forms of transportation include:  motor scooter, bicycle, subway, chicken bus.  I just don’t like cars.

Ive logged over 13,000 miles on my little Honda

  • I love commas and exclamation marks, and over-use them enthusiastically!!!
  • I’m half-Coloradoan, half-Californian, and half-Chilean – therefore, if I can’t see the sun for more than 1 day straight, I fall into a sad sunless depression. Also, I can’t do math.
  • I am older than I look, and younger than I am.
  • I’ve never been a pack-rat (luckily), and usually live in tiny apartments or on people’s couches, which keeps my possessions down to a minimum.  I thought adopting a true minimalist lifestyle would be easy….until I got to my books.  Turns out, not so much!  *sigh*  But I know I can do it!  Stay tuned…
  • My constant travel companion is a tiny gnome named Jasper Longfellow.

Jasper the Travel Gnome on the road to Temuco, Chile

  • I’m a little too bouncy for my own good!  😀  And I love meeting new people.  If I meet you, you’re getting a hug.  That’s just how I roll.
  • I love nature!… just not when it touches me.
  • Photography is fun!  Too bad I suck at it.  Oh well, it’s not gonna stop me from trying.
  • I do my best thinking at Starbucks!  Don’t judge.
  • And finally…my all-time favorite movies are:  (1) Swiss Family Robinson, (2) Captain Ron, and (3) Indiana Jones.  No, the symbolism is not lost on me.

It’s very nice to meet you!  Thanks for stopping by.  Post up a comment and say hi, or follow me on Twitter.

Your friend on the road,



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  1. Tia,
    I think we are soul sisters!!! (please note the excessive exclamations!)
    I’m a 25 year vegetarian (7 have been vegan, 2 were admittedly insectivore/pescatarian, so they probably don’t count in the total tally, currently ovo-lacto), lover of Starbucks, wandering minimalist nomad who also travels with an inanimate companion. Mine is Singjoy, a very large teddy bear who wears an American Flag sweater.
    I’m in one of your home states, Colorado, but swinging through California on my way to China (please note the excessive number of C places!!)
    If our paths ever cross in person, I for sure want my Free Hug!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, it’s so great to meet you.

    • *tacklehug* OMG we might have been separated at birth!!!!! So glad I found your blog. 🙂 Good job with the veggie lifestyle! It can be a tough gig at times, especially when traveling, huh? Good luck in China! I’m gonna go peek at your blog and see what else we have in common. heehee 😉

      Thanks for being my first About Page commenter!

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