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Who doesn’t love a good parade?


Gotta say…I love a good parade.  Especially for St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve celebrated in five different cities so far.  I look forward to experiencing other celebrations in cities around the world….like Ireland!

The amazing parade floats, drinking in public, and avoiding the flying cabbage on the streets of New Orleans is fun times!  My favorite, so far, has been the giant parade in Denver, one of the biggest celebrations in the US.  I also love small town parades, like in Fort Collins, which are all about the community.  Last year was definitely the weirdest, being in another country.  Chile obviously doesn’t celebrate the holiday, or even understand what the big deal is.  Gotta love it!  🙂

This year’s parade time found me in Colorado Springs.  Definitely a different experience.  I got to enjoy the festivities with a sister and brother who live here, as well as with a new friend I’ve made.  The “holiday vibe” was very different here.  The police presence was pretty huge (this town has violent tendencies).  The parade was more of a big advertisement opportunity, rather than the community participation that I prefer to see.

Usually, I would hit up an Irish pub with friends, but today I ended up at a Jamaican restaurant for lunch, with a Red Stripe in my hand instead of a Guinness.  But that’s okay, it’s all good.  I’ll save the Irish Stout for the 17th!

Here’s a couple snapshots I took today with my phone:

Bagpipers marching in the Springs parade

Llamas! And baby llamas!!!

Quite a big difference from last year.  No parades, of course, but I did find an Expat pub, in Santiago, Chile, that was celebrating the holiday.  Had a fabulous time and ended up meeting a ton of amazing people, both expat and local.  Since I don’t have many pics, I’ll throw in some pictures from last year’s celebration at California Cantina ….

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The “right” dream


“What’s your dream, your passion, what do you want to ‘be’ when you grown up?”

Biggest question ever, and always beyond my reach.  It never occurred to me that “travel” was a valid response!

Travel is what you do for vacation, your reward for suffering through a shitty, soul-sucking job. You still have to live in the “real world” and follow some kind of career plan like everyone else.

That’s all I ever heard. But it never sat well with me.

Then again, I was never one to take a “relaxing” vacation.  Taking time off and staying home would NEVER occur to me.  What is that about?!  I always had to GO somewhere, anywhere, the farther the better.  I would booked myself so solid, every traveling minute filled, because I never knew when I’d be able to travel again.  I’d barely leave myself enough time to fly home, change clothes, and get back to work on time.  I didn’t have time for jetlag.

I didn’t “live to work”.  I “put up with work” and lived for the days when I could travel.  And continued, year after year, to figure out something brilliant to do with my life.  To find that acceptable dream/passion/job that could materialize into the perfect career for me.

It’s not that I couldn’t realize my dreams, I just never realized I was “allowed” to dream of travel.

The world = that’s my passion!

Looking forward


Sometimes I start to worry about my lifestyle decisions, listen to the nay-sayers, second-guess myself.

Good or bad, it forces me to imagine the “what-if’s”…

  • I could return to any of those crappy jobs that may or may not pay well, but guaranteed to suck my will to live.
  • I could get an apartment again.  Decorate it with the few things I own.  Enjoying the process for a bit, and then sitting there all alone, with no idea what I’m doing.
  • Followed shortly by freaking out, and walking to the nearest bar or cafe for some social interaction.  Probably have some random guy hit on me.
  • Texting friends and wondering why everyone is always too busy to call me or hang out (*generalization – I heart the few who actually check in on me.)

The idea of going back to my old life stresses me out WAY worse than the nervousness of an unknown future.

So I look forward.  I imagine the completion of my minimalism project.  Packing my bags.  Getting more stamps on my passport.  Continuing with my world-wide education.  It takes me to my happy place.

Everyone needs a scarf


OK….March 2nd for realz!

Random thought of the day — scarves.  Who doesn’t love a nice scarf?  🙂

I was watching Samantha Brown this morning (as part of my morning coffee ritual), admiring one of the many scarves she tends to wear on her travels.

I really enjoy her occasional interjections on how scarves are used in other countries.  Traditional use by women and men, decorative uses, practical uses, required uses, and of course the different ways to wrap them.

Scarves are something I like to pick up as souvenirs from countries I visit.   I purposefully don’t bring one with me, so I have the excuse to shop for one when I arrive!  I wear them all the time and love the constant reminder of where it was purchased.  For example:

  • loopy scarf from London (since lost, so sad)
  • silk scarf from Paris
  • sarong in Mexico
  • stripped summery scarf in Chile
  • And from USA,  the beautiful handmade scarves from friends & family!

I love scarves!!  🙂

A shot of me in front of Notre Dame